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KrownSphere VIP Rewards membership Club!

BIG SAVINGS are ahead -The KrownSphere VIP Membership comes loaded with benefits. At

KrownSphere, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best deals on the products they love. Your VIP Membership takes that one step further.

Start taking advantage of your membership immediately after sign up, with the following benefits:

FREE shipping on ALL orders, including today when you sign up!

UP to 40% off all KrownSphere products storewide!

No hassle, no questions asked replacement on any items.

Priority Processing- have your orders placed in front of the line!

VIP Customer Service and Support!

Remember-The KrownSphere VIP Membership is billed at $10.97 per month (30 days) until canceled.

To sign up: Simply check the box in the cart before proceeding to the checkout or add the VIP Member product to your cart here. After checking out and completing your purchase, your subscription will be active, and you will be billed 30 days following the initial sign up. You will receive an email confirmation after sign up with additional information about the membership.

How to use the KrownSphere VIP Rewards Membership (and take advantage of all the discounted products and FREE shipping!): Maximizing the benefit of your subscription is simple- just login here, and then proceed to shop as normal! You will see all the member-only discounted prices in red, next to the original prices. Once you proceed to the checkouts; you will have an option for free shipping. If you are not seeing discounted prices or free shipping. Please contact us directly and we will get it straightened out.

If you wish to cancel your VIP Membership at any time, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login here using the same email you used when you signed up. Note you may need to click here for “issues managing your subscription” when logging in for the first time. You must use the same email that was used at the time of sign up.
  2. Click on Cancel / Manage Subscriptions
  3. Click Cancel and select the applicable reason for cancelation

You will receive a confirmation by email that your subscription has been canceled.