Premium Real Luxury Rose Box
Premium Real Luxury Rose Box
Premium Real Luxury Rose Box
Premium Real Luxury Rose Box
Premium Real Luxury Rose Box
Premium Real Luxury Rose Box
Premium Real Luxury Rose Box
Premium Real Luxury Rose Box

Premium Real Luxury Rose Box

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Premium Real Roses That Last A Year - Luxury Rose Box
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  • Freshness preserved: Fresh cut roses are persevered using our propriety scientific method, looking in natural moisture and freshness in each flower for 365 days.
  • Elegant display box: Our luxurious flower come free gift wrapping and an instruction card.
  • Zero maintenance products: Our products hold tenderness and a natural and fresh look, with no maintenance required.
  • A perfect gift for a multitude all occasions: No matter who is receiving it or for what occasion. A Premium Roses box can be a prefect fit for your Mom, Dad or significant other.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed: We follow Amazon’s policy that includes a 14-days free return.



Premium Roses - Roses with Longevity!

These breathtaking, real preserved roses will add 365 days of elegance to any room! We choose only the most beautiful flowers for our arrangements. You will receive a stunning box bouquet that will impress, and be admired by the recipient.

                                     Preserved Rose Box Features:

  • Exquisite 1 year Roses

  • High-Quality, Eco-Friendly Display Box (our boxes are 70% recyclable)

  • Designed for Any Occasion

  • Customizable Gift Card Option

  • One Day Delivery Available in the US 

Perfect For:

  • Wedding Centerpieces & Decor
  • Birthdays, Special Events, Graduations, Housewarming, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, or any day!

                                       Care Instructions:

Because these live roses have gone through a special preservation process, they do not require much, if any, maintenance - there are just a few things to be mindful of in order to keep your roses looking their best for 365 days.

  • Handle with care, as the flowers are delicate.
  • Do not water - this will limit their shelf life.
  • Avoid touching the roses often - moisture from your skin can diminish the shape and color of your roses.
  • Keep your roses at a temperature of 65-77 F degrees, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • If dust collects on flowers you can lightly blow dry or soft brush.


Rose Symbolism:

Roses are often given as a symbol of love, but can also have different meanings if chosen by color for their specific sentiment.


  • Red - Love & Romance
  • Yellow - Friendship
  • White - Innocence & Purity
  • Pink - Grace, Gratitude, Joy & Admiration
  • Orange - Enthusiasm & Passion

No matter the reason for gifting these beautiful blossoms, they are a wonderful way to brighten anyone's day!


Package Dimensions:

12.8 x 7.6 x 6.1 inches


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