outdoor 60cm led falling star light 10pcs
outdoor 60cm led falling star light 10pcs

outdoor 60cm led falling star light 10pcs

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outdoor 60cm led falling star light


LED Meteor shower tube Description:

LED Meteor Tube (also referred to as a snow fall or blizzard tubes) is a wonderful decorative product, which emulate falling stars or snow in the night sky, producing stunning star shower effects.

the meteor tube lights "fall" down the tubes and fade away until they reach the bottom, and the bottom LED brightly flashes and twinkles then goes out, awaiting the next line of light to fall.

Much visual impact of our Meteor fall LED lights. Automatically randomize to create a stunning effect.

All our meteor lights sets feature 360 Degree Viewing Angle, which is suitable for outdoor decoration.



led meteor tube.jpg

LED Meteor tube.jpg

Technical Parameters:


60cm tube 2.6cm x 60cm 108pcs/tube
80cm tube 2.6cm x 80cm 120pcs/tube
100 cm tube 2.6cm x 100cm 120pcs/tube
Mini Meteor 1.3cm x 15cm 20pcs/tube


  • Input voltage: AC100-240VAC
  • LED working voltage: DC12V 
  • 360° viewing angle
  • Operating temperature range of -25 ~ 50degree 
  • Power consumption: 60-100cm tubes - 0.5W/tube
  • mini Meteor - <3W/Set 
  • Lifespan: 30,000+ hrs 
  • Colors: White/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow

Selling points:

LED meteor tubes, drivers, Cable and waterproof connectors are all included in one set. You don't need to buy any other accessories, and it is extremely convenient for plug and play.


led meteor tube connection.jpg


1. Connect up to two mini Meteor sets end-to-end on one transformer
2. Connect up to 20 Meteor tubes end-to-end on one transformer
3. Plugs into household 120v/220v outlet
4. Can operate direct from 12 volts DC power supply
5. Long life 30,000+ - 70,000+ hrs (3-7+ years, 24 hours a day)
6. Ultra bright surface-mount LEDs available in 4 Colors & 2 Whites
7.  Low power consumption, low heat, & low voltage
8. State of the art LED driver technology ensures consistent illumination levels
9. Complete 360degree light distribution
10. Solid-state LED construction
11. Durable, shock & vibration resistant
12. Clear sealed tube for maintainence free operation
13. Waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion design
14. No ultra violet (UV/IR) radiation
15. No Mercury
16. Surprisingly light weight 
17. Power Transformer included
18. Rated for indoor and outdoor use


Packing reference:

led meteor tube pack.jpg


Decorations for Christmas trees, houses, buildings, mega tree displays, Architectural decorative lighting, Amusement parks, Theaters, Causeways, moodlighting, Accent lighting, Exhibition stands, Shopping malls, Restaurants, Hotel Foyers & lobbies, Advertisement lighting and decoration, Haunted houses, Dark Rides, theme parks etc.