Faith High Productivity desktop inkjet printer for pet bottle /plastic bag

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Handheld Inkjet Printer
KD100, which can efficiently and flexibly print dynamic database, support traceability and anti-counterfeiting system, dynamic database real-time high-speed printing , powerful GS1 QR code and bar code function, to meet customers' various applications. It can be widely used in packaging industry, pipes, profiles and other professional production lines, and is committed to solving your printing problems in all fields.
5 Inch High Sensitive Touch Screen
Support 12.7mm printing height
Other Functions
Warm the low temperature cartridge
Pre-heat the ink cartridge in a low temperature environment of 0 ° C to keep the ink in the best printing state and ensure the
stability of the printout.
Six levels of grayscales adjustment
Through precise control of the working voltage and ignition frequency of the ink cartridge, six-level grayscales adjustment is
realized to ensure that the printing effect is perfectly presented.
support languauge customization
This machine supports both Chinese and English. In addition, we can customize a language for customers free of charge. It can
support barrier free operation for users all over the world.
Fonts are input independently
User can download font files in ttf, ttc, otf, pfb and other formats by themselves, and input them through U disk.
Wireless keyboard and mouse operation
By connecting a wireless keyboard and mouse to edit the print content, it provides users with a variety of human-computer
interaction options.
Serial number output control
Support to print out the serial numbers intelligently after sorting. While improving efficiency, it avoids the risk of
misoperations that may be caused by manual input.