Automatic Pet Feeder

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 Automatic Pet Feeder 
1. Capacity: 3.5L
2. Product net weight: about 0.8kg
3. Material: Environmentally friendly ABS
4. Applicable food: 5mm-15mm dry food
5. Manual feeding: 1 single feeding, about 5g each time
6. Automatic feeding: 4 meals per day (upper limit), 20 servings per meal (upper limit), each serving is about 5g
7. Recording: 10s recording, automatic playback before feeding each meal
8. Dual power supply: DC5V/1A adapter power supply, USB2.0 interface; 3 AA batteries (not included), priority adapter power supply
9. Metal Food Pan: Detachable metal food pan for easy cleaning
10. Memory function: In case of power failure, the system automatically saves the current feeding parameters
11. Protection function: intelligent chip, automatic detection of motor stuck function, protection of motor
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